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Datalogging systems

A large renewed range to fit all the needs : more than 60 sensors adaptable on the 3 systems, embedded software for a direct plug & measure, Ipad access on the cloud, many experiments guides available and much more…


Groomy is a pedagogical concept to teach and learn automation. Create your system or use an existing one, connect it to the powerful interface, write your program according to your scenario, simulate and control your system…


Discover sturdy and long-lasting products in a very large range of high-quality products. Choose your basic system and add some kits according to the experiments you want to carry out...


When robotics becomes handy ! Create your own robot or use an existing one. According your scenario, write your program with Rooby software (free download) and control your robot. Go for a competition !


Several catalogues are available for download. Choose the one you are interested in among the list. For some catalogues, you will have the possibility to download only some selected chapters…

WorldDidac Award

The Worlddidac association granted JEULIN the prestigious Worlddidac award 2014 for two products. In the category of Scientific Equipment, AirNeXT and Groomy were elected as best worldwide educational products.